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  • Because I Have To

    Any regular reader of my work will know that I’ve been pretty open about my life experience. I can point to a day in May 2010 when my writing took on a new timbre when my now late wife received her first diagnosis of cancer.  My first compulsion after receiving the news was to leave […]

  • Adjustments

    Adjustment is another word for change. And change is something we all know much about in this last year. About 7 years ago, I made an attempt to get in better physical shape by hiring the service of a personal trainer. In our very first session, he immediately assessed an important issue that he wanted […]

  • The Irish and Hank

    Every year, I always look forward to March 17, St Patrick’s Day, as does a large part of the rest of the world. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Why are we drawn into wearing green, drinking Guinness and eating corned beef and cabbage on that one day out of the year?  Some might […]

  • Strange Fire

    At first, I hesitated to use this picture because it may be easily misunderstood, but therein lies the risk of the writer when seeking to communicate below the surface. A few years after I moved into this house and it was evident that we would be here for a while, I built my kids a […]

  • Did We Do What We Came To Do?

    I spent a lot of time by myself last year. The pandemic and recent arctic blast of subzero temperatures has assisted this decision. But I’m an introvert, not a loner. I know how to be alone. I just don’t like feeling alone. The sum of my life experiences add up to the whole of the […]

  • Certainty and Control

    The recent news of yet another noted leader in the evangelical world is making the news for revelations of sexual misconduct. Instead of explaining the details, here is an article outlining the allegations against apologist and teacher, Ravi Zacharias. I am saddened by this news, but I am not surprised. As one who refers to […]

  • Creativity and Loss

    All loss isn’t equal. But all loss must be grieved. There isn’t a gold standard or a canon that outlines the right way to grieve. Loss hits us all so differently because the circumstances surrounding the loss are so different.  I only hope by adding my voice to the mix, there might be someone out […]

  • How Am I Doing?

    Grief is not monolithic nor unilateral. It’s multi-faceted. It’s nuanced and personal. The light fractures off my brokenness in a different array than yours. The colors that exude are much more than black and white. Grief is like a Venn diagram. There is a vast expanse that is empty and feels void. Most of the […]

  • Dear Entrepreneur

    Several years ago, I started writing posts to nameless entrepreneurs, offering advice from lessons I was learning from my business challenges. I have a chapter in my book with a few of my favorite entries. If I was writing the book today, I would include this counsel below. —————– Dear Entrepreneur, These are troubling days […]

  • Something New

    About that Chuck E. Cheese photo… Last week I began a series of Instagram posts depicting things that were gone or obsolete.  To each post I attached the words,  “Behold, I am doing something new. Will you not be aware?” My little project was misunderstood by some, leaving them wondering if I’m opening up a […]

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