Finding an Antidote for Boredom

Boredom is a fascinating human condition.  I wonder how much money is spent trying to address or assuage boredom versus trying to cure cancer or address any other disease?

What causes boredom?

Is boredom really a problem?

Should it be labeled a disease?

Does my dog get bored at home while I’m at work all day?

What does Hank know that I don’t?

I mashed up two old Prelinger Archive films. One on boredom, the other on television.  I like the juxtaposition it created.

“With mounting tension comes boredom.

A symptom of that conflict between the life that Hugh leads and his basic emotional needs.

In effect, boredom says, “I want to do something but I don’t even dare admit it….”

“….Unless you live in some parts on the country you can enjoy the newest marvel in modern scientific discovery, television, you can just lean back in a comfortable chair in the theater or in your own favorite chair at home, relax and watch the video

Compare that crude picture with these of today and you can judge for yourself how far along the road to perfection television has traveled.

Its bringing entertainment to thousands of people.  Through its magic, we are able to enjoy a combination of the radio, motion pictures and the stage, right in the comfort of our own home, as simple as pushing a button or turning a dial.”