The Faith I’ve Always Wanted

The Faith I’ve Always Wanted

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Living according to faith has been important to me since I was 17. But the faith that was handed to me at that age wasn’t sufficient for the trials and hardships that would come as my days unfolded. Faith had to upgrade if I was to continue in it through the rest of my life.

This is a series of episodes that describe that process for me

I plan to outline what a life of faith has looked like for me beginning at age 17 and what it looks like now at age 57.

I will talk about how I have tossed overboard much of what was handed to me over the years in the name of faith that I no longer deem necessary.

I will share about how I hear from God and have entered into an ongoing conversation with Him. I’ve come to reject the idea that God is elusive, difficult to hear and hard to understand.

I will describe the role that dreams and visions play for me. Hopefully I can take away some of the weirdness and mystery.

I will describe my thoughts for social change and spiritual awakening and how a life of faith is the most beautiful antidote to the rage and anger rampant in the spirit of the age today.

Make room.

Thanks for listening.

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