Where the Words of the Prophets Are Written

As a writer, I enjoy seeing how others use words to communicate.  I’ve finally learned to stop comparing my writing to someone else who I admire or appreciate. There is no reason for me to try and sound like Seth Godin or Tyler Huckabee. The world already has their voice. I need to figure out how to sound more like me and try to keep getting better at it. 

One place where I find the writing fascinating is on the bathroom wall.  I don’t write on them myself, but I read with interest the messages and always ponder why they chose to write what they did.

I imagine some dude, his junk in one hand, a sharpie in the other, mustering up the drunken courage to pen his main message for all who come behind him to read. Here is his chance to communicate to a captive audience. What nugget of truth does he choose in the 30 seconds he has?


C’mon dude. That’s all you got? That’s the best you can do? That’s what you want to tell the world?

Yeah, I thought so.

I sure hope it stops there in the bathroom stall.

Any message that begins with the F-word should be received with caution.  Anger won’t produce Hope. Rage only leads to more destruction.  Don’t become like the one you despise.

Here we are, on the cusp of some very historic events that could lead to some profound social changes. And many people, especially young people, all over the world, feel a message boiling in their soul. Now is your time to write it for all to read. And I sure hope it’s more than “F**K TRUMP.”

There will be a lot of that out there, but that message isn’t worthy of anyone’s time. Any message other than one of Hope will eventually fade. Anything preached out of anger will burn out quickly. Cynicism be damned. Write a better word. Tell a better story. Create a better future.

Make room. And don’t hold back.

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