Bring My Flowers Now

I struck up a conversation with a woman standing with the expectant crowd in front of the stage as we waited on Tanya Tucker to perform.  Among the chit chat we exchanged, the subject of past concerts came up. I told her one reason I was down front like this was in solidarity with my daughter, who taught me the importance of getting as close as possible.  I regaled the story of waiting for 5 hours at the barrier in front of the stage for Mumford & Sons. That makes a better memory than being lost in the sea of people somewhere in the middle.

Her name was Nikki. She asked about the rest of my family.  I told her I was recently widowed but that I didn’t want to stop living life, thus taking up my friend’s offer to come to the show. She affirmed that decision. The lights went down. End of conversation. It’s showtime.

The name of Tanya Tucker’s 2020 tour is Bring My Flowers Now, taken from her recent song of the same title. The sentiment of the song is to never wait to express love, but if the thought to bring flowers home comes from the heart, regardless of occasion, then by all means, bring ‘em home.

At the point in the concert where this song was performed, I started tearing up. As I soaked in my past memories, Nikki noticed, reached over and patted my shoulder and gave me an unexpected gift.

“You did that for her, didn’t you?”

I lost it.

Who knew that a simple kindness from a complete stranger would have such a positive effect? It served to remind me of the many times I did bring flowers home for no reason.  And the annual ritual of cutting forsythia in midwinter to force their yellow blossoms to bring a little color indoors to help assuage a dreary winter. And my practice each fall of planting tulips in my garden just for cutting in the spring. 

Yes, I did that, Nikki.  Thank you so much.

We all need more kindness in this world.

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