Hope and Generosity

Sometimes when I’m sitting in my little room typing out my thoughts, I forget there is an audience out there actually reading what I’ve written. In the last week, a number of people have recently said this exact sentence to me, “I’ve been reading your blog.”   Whenever I see trends like this, I stop and pay attention.

Patterns can give me insight and inform me about my next move.  When I resurfaced our basement stairs, I tore off old laminate from the treads, creating an ever so slight variation in some of the steps.  Before I resurfaced them, I would trip at the same place every time I would ascend the stairs. After the third time, I paid attention to this pattern and consciously made note to watch that step next time.

What is my take on these unusual amount of comments about my writing?  Maybe it’s coincidence, or maybe I’ve found a point of connection that is resonating. 

When I write an entry here, rarely does it take long to begin putting words on the page.  I try to start with what I am thinking and what seems relevant to me at the time. This is why Hope spills out.  It’s what I need, therefore it’s what I give. 

Generosity works in all things, even and especially in times of need or lack.  I was shaped by this kind of gesture when I traveled in Eastern Europe as a college student 35 years ago.  Romania was under communist rule, and it’s citizens suffered economically. But in every home we visited, we were treated like royalty through lavish food and gifts.  Our translator pointed out that one host had spent approximately a months wages to share his feast with us. My initial response was out of guilt. How could I accept such a gift?  The translator said, “if you don’t receive this, you will rob him of the joy of blessing you.” I’ve never forgotten that, and still use that statement to this day. 

Perhaps it is this spirit of generosity that my reader is discerning.  In this challenging season, I choose to be generous. I need Hope, so I give Hope away. In doing so, it comes back to me many times over.

Thanks for your encouragement.

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