The Sweetest of Fruit

The Sweetest of Fruit. Read by Kevin Shinn
Any Fruit worth picking
Any that draws the eye and the hand
To pluck from its branch
The beautiful Fruit
Ideal and perfect for the hunger
The need of the moment
And the urge to savor
This sweet Produce

If you look down to see the trunk
And the ground into which its roots sink
You will always find unfavorable dirt
This Fruit that you seek
Luscious on the branch
Is always grown in bad soil

The Fruit of Peace
Is not nurtured on peaceful ground
The roots of Kindness defy the
Surrounding earth of unkindness
And its grapes are among the 
Sweetest in the garden
Bury a sapling of Patience
In a compost of hurry, rush and anxiety
And you
Along with others close to you
Will Rest in its shade
And feast from its branch.

Bloom where you are planted
And bear this Fruit in season
The more rocky the soil
The more bountiful the harvest.

©Kevin Shinn, March 2020, 55 Degrees US

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