The Titillating Invitation of Anger

As an intuitive person who has easy access to read his emotions, I have to purposefully limit the amount of news and social media that wants to invade my space.  It’s primarily due to the escalating level of anger that is dark, pervasive, and yet so inviting.

Anger is a necessary, primal emotion.  But if one isn’t careful, the heart can gravitate toward the seductive invitation that anger offers. For some, anger is the easiest and safest emotion to experience and express.  Peace and Joy require Vulnerability, which is not necessary with anger.

Anger is like fire.  It needs fuel to keep it burning.  Add enough propellant and the flames of anger roar into a raging inferno. And rage will consume anything in its path.

Your friend on Facebook knows this. You know the one, daily posting links that invite you into their rage.  It doesn’t have to be about race.  It can be social, political or religious.  They are always upset about something. If you agree, you like their posts and find place and solace in the anger.  But eventually their anger might wear you down, and you click “unfriend.”

The fires of anger need to be constantly stoked. And social media is a perfect place to easily find firewood. But Justice will never prevail under an angry flame.

Anger might start the fire, but all Good Works will eventually need a different fuel to burn long.

That’s where Love needs to be piled on. Love will burn long, steady and hot without destroying all in its path. Love doesn’t flare up into an uncontrollable blaze like rage.

Love has a noble outcome. But rage can easily burn it down.

There is no need to judge what is fueling the current protests.  This movement to address racial injustice will eventually judge itself.  If it is driven by anger, the energy will eventually wear off as the participants vent their rage in destruction and wait for another crisis to stoke the fire. Love will burn long after the all angry protesters have given up.

Watch. Engage. Listen. Understand. March. Protest. Give. Speak. Do all in Love, not anger.

True Justice will prevail when Love gets ignited and starts to burn.  

One thought on “The Titillating Invitation of Anger”

  1. I think we need more than love. I think we also need kindness. I’ve been thinking about this quote about kindness a lot. Anger and sorrow and whatever else keeps us from rolling up our sleeves and doing the work. We can definitely feel those things, but we can’t live there. It’s not doing anyone a kindness.

    “I think we talk about love a lot, and I think love can get really big. You know love gets like, you can’t almost get your arms around it, it’s such a big thing, but kindness. Kindness is like the country cousin to love. You know, it just kind of — it kind of does dishes.
    When no one asked it to. ” Carrie Newcomer

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