Is this still true?

Years ago, in response to cancer’s invasion, Karen put these 6 words on the west wall of our bedroom.  It took until last year for the truth of them to fully sink into my being.

Truth is like that.  I can mentally agree with a statement while at the same time not feel it in my bones.  I can try to convince myself that it should be true, but there is a significant amount of resistance in my emotions that doesn’t want to accept it.

How could the best be yet to come if my wife is dying of cancer?  How could the best be yet to come if it takes her away from me? How could being alone be better than growing old with my partner?

These were questions I used to challenge that statement on the wall each morning as I woke and saw it there. Sometimes it felt like it was mocking me and taunting my unbelief. “See, it’s not true.” I’m glad to say that I now wake up with a different perspective of those 6 words.

As a person of faith, I have access to certain experiences that I would not otherwise encounter without faith. Hope is one of those.

The epiphany came through a short little prayer, one that I’m sure most of you can recite.

It’s called The Lord’s Prayer, which I always found an interesting title since the prayer includes a request for forgiveness of sin, which Jesus didn’t have any.  Maybe we should call it the Disciples Prayer or the Prayer for Everyone, since that’s who it’s really for.

As is usually the case when I hear a Heavenly Message, it came in just a few words.

On earth as it is in heaven.

It’s my belief that Heaven is a place of perfection.  It’s a realm I was made to live in. It’s a place without sickness and without strife.  It’s why I hate those things. There was no original plan for them. I wasn’t fashioned to be sick.  I was intended for so much more.

The little prayer gives me permission to acknowledge what I am in need of right now.  I need certain things on a daily basis. I need awareness of my Heavenly Father. I need food and clothing.  I need forgiveness, both to offer it and receive it.  

Implied in the little prayer is a place where all of these things reside in abundance; in heaven.  Since they exist there, I have been given permission to freely ask for them to be a reality in my day to day life here. On earth as it is in heaven.

When I find myself in short supply of Hope, I’ve been told how to ask for it. There is no rationing or scarcity. There is plenty to give away. This is why I now believe, the best is yet to come.

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