The Habit of Relaxing


We closed the doors at bread&cup for good last Sunday.  It was 10 good years of serving our community. But seasons change and its time for something new.  I’m not exactly sure what that next thing is, but what I’m learning is that all good and productive work and activity needs to emanate from a place of rest.  Interesting that the Jewish Sabbath began at sundown. It started with a good night’s sleep and continued through to a time of awakening that next day.  I recorded a song years ago to help me remember that rest needs to be a habit. Habits are just repeated responses.  They are usually associated with negative behavior, but why not make some positive habits too?


p.s.  I found the audio clip from the Prelinger Archive, a fantastic public domain site full of old film and audio.

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  1. In our fast paced world, rest can become so elusive. The thinkers search for those quiet times to think and the wise make time to rejuvenate.

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