Uncharted Waters

I wrote this song in theory in 1994 for a student conference titled Uncharted Waters.  The theme centered around the idea that our beliefs require a step of faith toward a desired future or outcome without always knowing how we will get to that end.  I used the metaphor of ocean sailing as the language to reflect this element of the journey.

Early cartographers would use the Latin words, Terra Incognita to describe unknown land that had not been explored or about which they knew very little.  They knew something was out there.  They just didn’t know what.

Ironic that the words I wrote 24 years ago would come back around in my mid-life to encourage me in searching the terra incognita in which I now find myself.



Set to sail

Its time to board

On a lifelong journey

We cant afford

The trip is set

The plans are made

We need not worry

The cost is paid

He will lead us through uncharted waters

He will lead us deep into the sea

Knowing all the time

The treasures we will find

Are only waiting for us if we go

3 Replies to “Uncharted Waters”

  1. Here’s to keeping our sails up to catch the Holy Wind as He blows us forth into the as of yet uncharted waters of the upcoming chapters of our story!

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