Waiting in the Dark

I recently heard this quote:

Writers write the books they themselves need to read

I resonate with this statement Writing is the way I process most everything I deal with; emotions, disappointments, joyful moments. When I sit down to write a blog post, it always flows out of something I am learning or discovering. Documenting those thoughts here will serve me now, but they will also serve me later if I take the time to go back and listen to myself.

I’ve been digging through my archive, remembering what I’ve written to myself over the years. I came across this song of grief that I recorded in 2004. At that time, I was grieving a loss, not of a spouse, but a loss of a young faith that needed to die in order to grow up and mature. It remains relevant to me 15 years later.

Regardless of what is lost, the degree of loss isn’t the issue. Someone else always will have it worse than me. All loss needs to be grieved.

When The Night Surrounds Me
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 When the Night Surrounds Me

What will I do
If I can't hear Your voice
If I can't tell which way to go
Where will I go
Will You leave me in the dark?

Yet I know
Something keeps me here
It keeps pushing me to hold
On to You
Though I cannot feel You near

When the night surrounds me
And all I hear is silence
I will wait for You
To come break through
And rescue me

©2004 Kevin Shinn

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