Your Turn

I’ve written about some of my important songs this week.  I’d like to know some of yours. Would you post one song in a comment below? It could be something that spoke to you during a hard season, or uplifts you no matter what the circumstances. From your songs, I’ll put together a playlist my my own enjoyment.  

Music builds connection for me. Thanks for letting me know a part of your story.

10 Replies to “Your Turn”

  1. When we were going through Anna Laura’s cancer, Matthew Ward was also battling cancer. Two songs of his from that time were especially important. “I Will Worship You” from his Even Now album and “To The King” from his My Redeemer album might be of interest to you.

    1. Mrs Warwick was one of my favorite teachers ever. I wasn’t much of a student then. She would be shocked to see that I somehow became a writer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s a Wonderful World sung by Louis Armstrong. The tone, the words. This song has been my favorite for about 25 years and it will be hard to replace. There are days I can just listen to it over and over.

  3. All time favorite song, “Hey Jude” by my all time favorite band, the Beatles. It brings memories of my youth and always helped “make it better” when I needed it. Right now, “Nobody” by Casting Crowns & Matthew West plays often on Alexa.

  4. I discovered Kirk Franklin (gospel singer) a few years back when I was going through a very difficult time. His song “I Smile” is uplifting and encouraging. I have since discovered some of his other music and is equally good.
    Of course, you can’t go wrong with ’70s and 80’s rock music!

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